Serve Our Globe

We really can make a difference in the world.

Wallace & Mary Kamau, Gitathuru, Kenya

Mountainview's Mission - Affecting Life Change, is lived out in our continuing involvement and support for the work of Missions of Hope International (MOHI). Through educating both children and adults in that difficult area, Wallace and Mary bring hope to the lives of many who live on the edge of hopelessness. Along with financial support, Mountainview provides direct assistance with short-term mission visits.

Keith & Kathy Ham, Nairobi, Kenya

Mountainview provides continuing support for Keith and Kathy Ham (since 1989). Keith serves as senior pastor of Baba Ndogo Outreach Church, and is a team leader for Missions of Hope International (MOHI). Kathy is Coordinator of Teacher Training for MOHI. In addition to dollars and short-term mission visits, we contribute handcrafted quilts from our Common Threads group.

Pablo & Karla Martinez, Tecate', Mexico

Mountainview financially supports Pablo and Karla Martinez in their ministry work in Tecate', Mexico...that's not all. Each year we send a team, primarily made up of Mountainview students, to assist with building structures, teaching children, and much more. 

Carrie Rambo-Toehemotu, Auckland, New Zealand

Mountainview supports Carrie in her work with international students at the university in Auckland, New Zealand. Upon graduation, these students (from some 50 different countries) take the love of Jesus home with them.