Serve Our Family

We are the hands and feet of Jesus!

"Service to God and other people is the only rent we pay for the space we occupy in life." -Robert

Being part of a church means being active. It means doing something other than sitting there in a chair like a lump...

Guess what? We have plenty of places for everyone to serve the Mountainview Family! Check out the descriptions below.

Find your place of service!

Student Ministry: Volunteers who love students 6th-12th grade and college, help us accomplish the huge task of extending real hope to each student who comes through our doors!  (Background check required.)

Email Pastor Christian  

L.I.G.H.T. Ministry: Would you like to be a blessing to teachers and families? Serve as a buddy to provide individual attention for a special needs child during Sunday classes. (Background check required.)

Email Renae Rosecrans

Landscaping/Grounds: Consider "adopting an island" (a small landscape section) to keep it looking sharp. It's a once-a-month-during-growing-season opportunity. 

Email Earl Koch

No One Left Behind: When life has become a struggle, folks need a hand up. Consider joining our No One Left Behind ministry to provide a warm meal, a cup of coffee, and an encouraging word to the less fortunate in East County. 

Email Ron Scherler

Front Office Volunteer: Are you a people person who enjoys interacting with our staff, church members and the public? Let's talk about how you might assist the staff in the Church front office.

Email Vicky Brunelle

Shopping: It's a fact...some folks just like to shop! Are you one of them? Join our twice-each-month shoppers team and inventory our kitchen and ministry consumables to restock needed items. 

Email Pastor Craig

Building Maintenance: If you have general or specific building maintenance skills, we have a place for you.

Email Earl Koch

(MINISTRY LEADERS - Submit a calendar request for your event here.)