Becoming LIKE Jesus

Growth happens in circles, not in rows!

Now that you've found Jesus, what's next? We want to be WITH Jesus, but also be LIKE Jesus. We grow spiritually and mentally by striving to be more like Jesus. Lasting spiritual growth and connection with Jesus and His people happens when we make becoming LIKE Jesus a priority in our lives.

Church lingo for what we're talking about is "discipleship" At Mountainview, our simple definition for discipleship is this...

Being WITH Jesus (Belong) 

Becoming LIKE Jesus (Grow)  

DOING the things Jesus did (Serve)

No apologies. Our desire is to have as many Mountainview members and attenders as possible be part of a vibrant, active Grow Group... Why? Because we need each other.

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Mountainview Kid's Grow Groups

Grow Group Kids is available Wednesday mornings and evenings for those in Grow Groups.

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