You can belong here.

We're just regular people. We're from all generations - and we like it that way!

Whatever age you are, you're welcome to BELONG at Mountainview.

Here are our simple steps:

  • Mountainview in 5 - Fill out a communication card and visit with Pastor Tom at the Mountainview in 5 sign after our gathering. It'll only take 5 minutes. Honest.

  • Rooted - If you want to "get real with God", signing up to be part of a Rooted group is right for you. This 10-week course will challenge you over and over. You'll see God in different ways... You'll meet new people... You'll be changed...

  • Find a Mountainview Grow Group. As Pastor Tom reminds us, "Growth happens in circles, not in rows". It's time to find your "circle".

Email Pastor Craig at [email protected] for more information.