Find a Grow Group!

We believe real growth happens in small groups. 

The Bible calls it "discipleship". Discipleship is choosing to:

• be with Jesus, (belong to Him)  •become like Jesus (grow in Him)   •do the things Jesus did (serve like Him)

Discipleship happens by developing relationships, like Jesus did with His disciples, in a small group. This is why we encourage everyone to find a Grow Group... 

Find a Group

Mountainview Men

Men's Grow Groups

Throughout the year we offer opportunities to explore God's life-giving Word with other's more than learning the Bible, it's finding new friends and brothers! 

Men's Grow Group sessions are purposely shorter in length, usually 6-12 weeks. Study materials may be different in approach and content, but all are geared to challenge men to grow and mature spiritually.

Email Pastor Craig

Mountainview Women

Well-balanced women have great relationships. With God, with family, with other women. We're here to help, in all stages of life, through personal interaction, prayer, and care.

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Women's Grow Groups

Throughout the year we offer several opportunities for women to grow relationships with other women and to grow spiritually. Each study is different in length as well as content.

Young Moms

Hey, mothers of young children, here's your opportunity to have some normal adult interaction! Young Moms offers some great opportunities, like Moms' Nights Out, Young Moms' study groups, and kids' play dates...

Email Lisa Simms for information

Mountainview Restoration

There's Hope!

"Sometimes you feel like the windshield...sometimes you feel like the bug!"

Sometimes we all need to be restored.

You don't have to be defined and stymied by your past.

Mountainview's Restoration Ministry wants to help.

Email Pastor Dave Lowe, M.S., L.P.C.


  Our Restoration classes and support groups are geared to help you learn how to gain life balance, 

establish proper personal boundaries, and much more.


Everyone has a past. When your past begins to run and ruin your present and future, 

it's time for counseling with Pastor Dave and his team.

(Counseling services are available on a reasonable sliding fee scale.)

12-Step Programs

Step out of your destructive habit or addiction by joining one of the 12-step groups at Mountainview.

Real people - dealing with real issues - finding real solutions.  

Adult Bible Fellowship

This group meets each Sunday during the 10:40 am gathering. 

Adults of all ages are welcome. Enjoy fellowship, exchanging stories, praying together, and studying God's Word. 

ABF goes way beyond Sundays. Many activities happen throughout the year, including group breakfasts, concerts, barbecues, parties, sight-seeing trips, movie nights, old fashioned hymn nights, and more.

Email Pastor Craig to learn more