I'm New Here

What is my next step?

So, you're New Here!

Your first step is Mountainview in 5.

It's easy. Meet with Pastor Tom at the "Mountainview in 5" sign to the left of the

stage just after our gathering.

KNOW Mountainview

The next step is"KNOW Mountainview".

It's a light lunch opportunity for you to meet some of our staff and leadership. This is our chance to tell who we are and what we do...and your chance to ask questions about Mountainview and membership.

Our next KNOW Mountainview is Sunday, December 2nd just after our second gathering. You can register now below.

How can I get involved?

Next, you might be asking, "how can I really get involved?" or "how can I meet people?". The answer is Rooted.

Through Rooted, you will find purpose and connection with people and with our community, but most importantly, a deep connection with God.

Check out the link below to find out more about Rooted.