Ministry to Men

Challenging Men to Be Men of God

Our Mission: To create an environment for men to be real,

authentic, transparent, growing disciples.  

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  • Men's Grow Groups

    Throughout the year we offer opportunities to explore God's life-giving Word with other's more than learning, it's where friendships grow. Our mid-week men's Grow Group sessions are purposely shorter in length, usually 6-10 weeks. They may be different in approach and content, but all are geared to challenge men to grow and mature spiritually.

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  • Men's Prayer Team

    The Men's Prayer Team wants to pray for and with other men. Look for the Men's Prayer Box on the workbench near the men's restroom.  You will find prayer cards and pencils there. 

    Only guys will see these! Let us pray for you!

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  • Band of Brothers

    The focus for Band of Brothers is helping men to understand and grasp timeless biblical principles of leadership, marriage and being great fathers. 
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  • Ministry to Men on Facebook

    Join us on Facebook in the Mountainview: Ministry to Men Group! Click below for the group page, then click the "Join Group" button, as shown on the left side of the page. 
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  • Spiritual Formation

    "Superficiality is the curse of our age."  -Foster

    Our Spiritual Formation Ministry is geared to help regular, everyday guys gather around God's Word, there to develop an ever-deepening faith and discipleship in Jesus.  

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