You can belong here.

We're just regular people. We're from all generations - and we like it that way!

Whatever age you are, you're welcome to BELONG at Mountainview.

Here are our simple steps:

  • Mountainview in 5 - Fill out a communication card and visit with Pastor Tom at the Mountainview in 5 sign after our gathering. It'll only take 5 minutes. Honest.

  • KNOW Mountainview - Come spend a few minutes with us over lunch. Pastor Tom will explain who we are and what we do, then you can ask him questions! Childcare is provided. Our next KNOW Mountainview is planned for Sunday, December 2nd.

  • Rooted - If you want to "get real with God", signing up to be part of a Rooted group is right for you. This 10-week course will challenge you over and over. You'll see God in different ways... You'll meet new people... You'll be changed...

  • Find a Mountainview Grow Group. As Pastor Tom reminds us, "Growth happens in circles, not in rows". It's time to find your "circle".

Email Pastor Craig for more information.